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How Many Types of Lawyers Are There?

Especially because each state can have different laws and categorizations of lawyers, there is not a set number of types of lawyers. There can be frequent combinations of degrees and experiences lawyers pursue, such as lawyers who have combined expertise in family law with estate planning.  However, there are some categories lawyers generally fall into, […]

What Is It Called When a Lawyer Works for Free

When lawyers work for free, it is called pro bono representation or pro bono work.  The American Bar Association makes it clear that pro bono work is necessary in our society and promotes lawyers prioritizing it alongside their paid work. “When society confers the privilege to practice law on an individual, he or she accepts […]

What to Take to a Lawyer for a Will

Cornell’s Law School defines a will as “a legal document that states a testator’s wishes and instructions for managing and distributing their estate after death.” Everybody can benefit from having a will written in legal terms by a lawyer, so that their wishes can be upheld in a court of law and extend beyond their […]